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A Letter from the Editor

By Jacob Greene

This year, there was tremendous amounts of growth for the Slate.

As the editor, I cannot help but brag on behalf of my staff. We all put in a lot of work. 

Our online articles have had more average reads than in previous years. A feature article written by yours truly was read over 600 times. The previous record was 150 reads.

Additionally, we had growth in social media following, as well. Three years ago The Slate’s Instagram had less than 50 followers—now it has over 550 followers.

We had a reel reach over 3,000 views. Two others have over 2,000 and 1,000 views.

The team–as a whole–has worked to grow our media presence. This included working with the Digital Media team—a team some of the staff is a part of—to photograph as many events as possible. 

Our staff is made up of both student-athletes, as well as spectacular academics. The balance of school, sports, and extracurricular activities is done well by our staff. Many of us are involved in different things on campus, everything from the worship team to clubs, to student leadership, to tutoring. The whole staff works exceptionally hard to bring our viewers the best content possible. 

If you are interested in joining the Slate—feel free to reach out. We recruit anyone—no matter the level of experience—whether it be a lot or none.

Next year we look to grow our following even more while reporting, fair, honest, and unbiased news.

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