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A.S.B.S.U: Plans for the Future

By Charisma Anderson

The A.S.B.S.U, which stands for Associated Student Body of Simpson University, has exciting plans for campus in the near future.

The A.S.B.S.U staff consists of Luke Williams the Student Body President, Jacelyn Wedman the Executive Vice President, Franchesca Carrera the Chief Marketing Officer, Ethan Wulfestieg the Chief Student Finance Officer, Naomi Hollgarth the Chief Residence Life Officer, Dylan Lum the Chief Athletic Officer, Priscilla Lupe the Chief of Student Activities, and Antonio Junior the Chief Spiritual Life Officer.

According to Luke Williams the team has been working really well together despite going through some change in the A.S.B.S.U structure.

“Jacelyn and I have been working to figure out a structure that works the best to fit the campus, and we also meet with the entire team every week. ” Said Willaims.

In the duration of this semester, the A.S.B.S.U has worked very hard to put on events that they are very proud of.

“Tent America, the 50 hours of worship was a joint Spiritual Formation and Student Government led event. I thought it was amazing and everyone loved it. We also started the Spirit Club this semester, and we have plans to unveil the name of the spirit section soon and will hopefully have some T-Shirts coming in. This year we were also able to open up the concession stands for our team to use, and other clubs to use in their fundraising. This is a big deal because for the last three years it mostly hasn’t been open.” Said Willaims.

Although Luke has many projects he’s passionate about, he is most passionate about bringing athletes and non-athletes together.

“It’s been a big passion of mine to keep Intramurals alive, as I believe it helps bridge the gap between athletes and students. It’s especially important now as we have more sports teams in our school. Another event that helped bridge the gap between athletes and students was Humans vs. Zombies, as we had a lot of athletes and non-athletes participate and it turned out to be a blast.” Said Williams.

A.S.B.S.U also has some exciting things planned for the future of Simpson.

“Our biggest thing right now is we are trying to bring back the Senior Gift. After surveying some seniors about what they would like to see on campus, we found out they would like to see water fountains and water bottle fillers in the dorms. That is one thing we have been working on, and will probably start fundraising for pretty soon. We are also looking into the Student Union and how we can get that set up.” Said Williams.

The future of Simpson University is looking bright, as the A.S.B.S.U has many special plans up their sleeve.

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