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A Slice of Home

By: Daisy Brenegan


Students are counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. After Thanksgiving break, Christmas break is not far after that. Students are preparing to celebrate as well as do their holiday traditions with their families. Whether it be going to a Friendsgiving or hanging out with family, Simpson students are ready for their week break.

Most people have some sort of tradition they do every year whether they realize it or not.

Here are some student traditions:

“Me and my pops watch and play football on Thanksgiving. We also eat lots and lots of food,” said Sophomore Hassan Hughey.

Senior Dylan Banks said, “My birthday is usually either on thanksgiving or a few days around it every year. So we usually celebrate my birthday and do a thanksgiving dinner too. After my dinner I'll go hangout with my friends and celebrate with them.”

“I usually have a Friendsgiving to go to before Thanksgiving, then on Thanksgiving I usually hangout with my family and have dinner at home,” Senior swimmer Derek Choy mentioned.

Nursing student Blake Wilson said, “I am with my family on thanksgiving. We watch and play football, we don't really have traditions besides that.”

Not everyone gets the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving either. Some students live out of state and tend to wait till Christmas to go home.

“To be honest I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving ever since I went to college. Personally, If I have any friends that didn’t get to go home, we just make food and eat. I don’t really have any traditions anymore,” said Senior baseball player Shane Ogata.

For international students, it's a different story, most of them do not celebrate Thanksgiving in their home countries. Being in the states, these students have been able to learn about new traditions and enjoy the festivities that come with the holiday.

International student, Joseph Bell from England said, “My freshmen and sophomore years at my junior college, my coach invited all the international players around to his house. Other years, I have gone to friends' houses. It’s not something I celebrate but I can definitely say the food is worth it!”

Whether you go home for Thanksgiving, or spend it with friends, make your own traditions and the most of your Thanksgiving break.

Stay safe Red Hawks, see you all after break!

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