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All Seasons Must Come to an End

By: Joseph Bell

Source: Simpson Athletic's Website

The Simpson Women's Soccer season has come to an end, not in a way that the team would have wanted, but we are proud of these ladies for their hard work.

After an incredible season by our female Red Hawks, they went 10-5-2 overall and 6-1-1 in conference. This has been the best season for the Women's Soccer team in years and hopefully they will grow and improve even more next season. Their season came to an end when they lost 1:0 to Marymount in the quarterfinals.

Here are some of the achievements they made this year; they beat Merced for the first time ever with a well fought and deserved 1:0 win at home. They also had Haylee Ward, winning Newcomer of the Year, after her exceptional season of scoring 11 goals and 6 assists. They also had 6 players who got honorable mentions; Taylor Barker, Sierra Brenner, Fatima Valenzuela, Emma Nichols, Caroline Forseth, Kiah Gridley.

A great team isn’t just made up of its’ players, but how they are coached on and off the field. Last year, Head Coach Milton Carrera, was awarded Coach of the Year. He truly proved that he deserved this award, after the impressive season his team had this year. Also the assistant coaches, Robin Frohlich and Rich Bourne helped to build and train this team as well. Bourne is a returning assistant coach from last season.

Haylee Ward, Junior, the recipient of Newcomer of the Year Award, said, “Receiving the Newcomer of the Year award meant a lot to me. I came into this program with hopes of being able to contribute in a big way, and I worked day in and out to ensure just that. Alongside my teammates, I was challenged and encouraged to become better each drill, session, and game. I think about the other new additions to the CalPac conference from each team and how honored I am to have been chosen within such a talented conference. The award to me is not a reflection of talent, but instead a reminder that hard work really does pay off.”

Lexi Arnold, a Senior, spoke about her experience as a Red Hawk since 2019, and said, “The team has improved so much. They have learned how to play better as a team and have brought good talent into the team since 2019 which has helped the team progress forward as a whole. After reaching the playoffs last season, it motivated and pushed the team to do even better this season. This resulted in beating Merced 1:0 in the conference. I have high hopes for future seasons to come.”

The Women’s Soccer team made some huge accomplishments this year and with all their new talent, they can only go up from here.

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