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American Noise

By Jacob Greene

Grand Central Station.

The gymnasium is filled with people, tables, and items to sell. The people are all different ages, sizes, and faces. Grab a sucker–saunter around. Healthcare, insurance, military–capitalism. The driving force of the American economic system–the working class.

All the voices are layered, similar to the inside of Grand Central Station. Downtown Manhattan, the financial district–Wall Street. That is what it all sounds like. All the voices are different volumes, pitches, and timbre. One voice echoes above the rest as I walk by.

“You need to find the right job.”

Is that the American Dream?

Handshakes, introductions, sales pitches–the sounds of relationships being built. Introductions and product placement. Bright colors. They are contrasted like the ages and faces of hunters and sellers. Organized chaos. Papers and names getting swapped. Business cards galore. Wheels to spin. Prizes to win. Free knickknacks for anyone who signs up.

Microphones attempt to amplify the more important overload of information. The job fair reflects the American job industry. To obtain something–spend something. Spend your time, give your name, share your story, and listen to someone else’s. Handshake. A firm handshake. Communication–constantly at a maximum.

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