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“And Then There Were 6”

By: Jacob Greene

Source: SU Campus Life on Instagram

Originally there were 16 Sweet events, now only 6 remain. What are they?

Only 6 events remain out of the total 16 Sweet events. According to Sarah Jobson, some events that remain are: “SU Polar Plunge, Silent Dance, National Puppy Day, Night Life, and Spring Fest are still to come!”

Campus life can be more enjoyable with the extracurricular activities available. These events are for students and staff to engage in, together. These 16 signature events were hatched, planned, and set up by Kirsten Crawford (Campus Life Coordinator) and Sarah Jobson (Associate Dean of Campus Life), specifically for you, the student. Jobson had the idea for this by observing what other colleges do for events. These events are in addition to regular events and occur throughout the year and are also paid for by students. The cost of these events is included in tuition. Attend these free events and socialize with fellow students.

Whoever collects all 16 stickers is entered into a raffle. The winner of the raffle gets a secret surprise that only a select few know about.

Each event has its own special sticker. Some events included a country line dance (Hay Day) event, Gnome-coming, a Color Run, and the Davenport Derby. Most recently, Skate Night, at the local skate rink, and 80s Bingo night, with a costume contest. Jobson replied, via email, what she was most excited for, “I'm looking forward to MOST, if not all of the events - for different reasons. The Silent Dance - because who doesn't want to dance in a room with headphones on? The Polar Plunge because it's tradition and we give out beanies to those who get wet! Spring Fest for the free shirts and awesome food.”

If you have the chance, come to as many remaining events as you are able. The events are paid for when you pay your tuition. If you collect all sixteen stickers, you will be entered in a raffle to win a secret prize. The only way to collect all the stickers is by going to every event.

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