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ASBSU: Featuring Susanna Talley

By Haley Endraske

Many students wonder what happens on campus or why things happen the way they do.

Susanna Talley is the Associated Student Body President at Simpson University. She shared what she does and what the ASBSU role is here on campus!

ASBSU meets weekly on Wednesday nights with all 10 of their collective members, including President Susanna Talley and Vice President Jessalyn Lankford. There are 8 representatives from different areas on campus such as Residence Life, Commuters, Spiritual Formation, Intramurals, Athletics, Diversity, International, and Student Activities. This semester they are working on different monthly campaigns and have started an initiative to work more closely with Dr. Hall, Simpson University’s president.

Recently, all of the Student Leaders on campus attended the Christian Student Leadership Collective via Zoom. This conference was for student leaders all over the country to connect and talk about what each school has been experiencing during this time. New ideas and different ways of doing things were learned from this time and the goal was to apply those learned ideas to Simpson. One of those ideas was to have a new focus for ASBSU. They want to shift their leadership style and to hopefully improve communication.

“We want to increase communication between our team and administration, and one way I learned about that at the recent Christian Student Leadership Conference that we went to was learning how to transition from reactive leadership to proactive leadership,” Talley said.

In addition to clarifying the direction for ASBSU this semester, Talley shared some secretive (but not so secret) information. Once a month, anyone from the student body can come sit in on the ASBSU meetings. If interested, be sure to watch out for Zoom links in your email for when they meet!

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