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Batter up Red Hawks

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Photo by: Simpson University Baseball Instagram

By: Ronald Bolling

At Simpson University we finally have Baseball in our own backyard. The Baseball field is getting ready to be finished. It has been a long-awaited addition to the Simpson University campus.

I got a chance to speak to the Head Coach Dan Tating, to get his thoughts on the Baseball field finishing up and playing on the field. I asked Tating his thoughts on the baseball field, his expectations for how the baseball field being finished would affect the connection of the team? Tating stated,

“I think it goes further than just like our team this year, this is like 20 years in the making, it’s important for our team, but also important for our community.”

Redding has not had the chance to watch The Simpson Baseball team on their own turf. I asked Tating what is the biggest factor going into the seasons moving forward? Tating stated,

“The fact is more than just the field, we’ll have the only field, us and La Sierra will have a field on campus. That is major, Simpson University will have a home field advantage, and not a lot of schools can say that is pretty awesome. I asked Tating Do you think this will help the community of Redding get behind Redhawk Baseball? Tating responded,

“I think us having control of the field, be able to make decisions, and having to control how to field plays”.

One questions during my time talking to Tating that I was waiting to ask is What kept you at Simpson for so many years even though other schools had their own baseball fields”? Tating responded

“As a coach you want to be successful you want to win championships, but as long as you're progressing every year it helps you see that you don’t feel like you're going backwards and it helps you drive to be better every year also combine that with your relationships with your players, with your coaching staff you become more of a family.”

A long-awaited moment that the Simpson University community has been waiting for over decade will finally happen.

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