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Brace your Bellies, Food Committee is here

Photo by: Ronald Bolling Jr

“Brace your Bellies, Food Committee is here”

By Ronald Bolling Jr.

Simpson Students’ Stomachs Have Been Heard, as Food Committee has been formed!

Yes, you heard it right. Simpson University has its own food committee, and no it’s not a bunch of snobs reviewing the food in the Cafeteria. It is some familiar faces on campus: Emma Seitz (Women's Volleyball), Gianna Smith (ASBSU Vice President), Quinn Wright (Men’s Volleyball), and Sarah Jobson (Associate Dean of Campus Life). The Food Committee was very polite and let me join their meeting. The meeting showed that the Simpson Cafeteria is in good hands. Students should know that their requests are being heard, not just going in one ear and out the other. The committee is very open to ideas and requests. The committee had a notepad to write down the changes that could be made. I had the opportunity to chip in on ideas that I had. They were very interested in what I had to say, even when I was just there to listen and report. This showed me that they take this Committee very seriously and want everyone's input.

John Daniels, Director Of Sage Dining sat with me for an interview, and I have to say that Simpson University Caf is in good hands.

Daniels expressed that he wants students to know the so-called “stigma” of students not being able to come to him or any staff members in the caf is not true. He expressed that the Cafeteria is a safe space where you can express your feelings, requests, and also complaints.

“The one thing we want to steer away from is that we stop learning, we never stop learning, especially in the food service business we constantly learn and learn from you guys,” Daniels stated.

Daniels expressed he never wants to stay stagnant. He wants to learn more and get as much input as he can. Daniels is very friendly and hospitable, understanding the transition from high school to college can make it hard for students to share their input. Daniels stated he wants to continue to keep Simpson University feeling like a family.

Daniels has been in the business for a long time. I asked him what was the most absurd thing a person has ever requested.

“It was to use Frozen Vegetables,” Daniels replied.

We had a big laugh about that, it really shows all requests are heard even if some of them don’t make a whole lot of sense. I asked Daniels what would he have on the menu if he could choose, and this is where his humbleness reached its origin story.

“I'm very simple, I grew up very simple,” Daniel stated. He expressed that there is not anything that is not already on the menu he wouldn’t already add on the menu.

Daniels may like it simple in his own life but not for his students. He wants students to feel comfortable and at home in the Caf, and not just get a to go box, but to sit down, relax and socialize. I asked Daniels what is something that he wishes students knew.

“I think if students knew, if they truly knew, like my passion is to be here and walk in here as a job, but we're here as a service,” Daniels stated.

Students of Simpson University your stomachs have been heard and now you can send your requests to the Food Committee Review Team by emailing Noah Bryerton with your request.

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