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Cafeteria Come Up

By: Caleb Gonzalez

Photo taken by: Adam Mankoski

The cafeteria is at the center of campus and is the only of the spots on campus to unload and enjoy a good meal as students return from dorms, classes, and practice. With significant changes in the last 2 years, the cafeteria has drastically improved for the better in terms of options, taste, and quality of food.

In the Fall semester of 2021, Simpson University began to invest and partnership with a food company called SAGE. SAGE General Manager for Simpson University, John Daniels explained,

“SAGE prides itself in hard working, custom menus based on demographics and taste. SAGE gives back to the community by sourcing locally, so our produce so our products are local.”

Daniels explains that the number one thing that the Simpson cafeteria needs to do is figure out students' patterns when it comes to dining.

“We, as a staff, have to learn the eating habits of students,” Daniels stated.

The history behind SAGE is that the food company has been partnering with independent schools and colleges for 32 years. When the company looked at Simpson they sent physical representation to the university before partnering because they wanted to see the community before they invest.

Daniels said

“Simpson legitimately invested into a partnership with SAGE, is what helped the value and appreciation of food improve”.

But Daniels wanted to be clear that the improvement also comes from the workers students see every day in the cafeteria.

“Our staff is accessible, willing to listen and hear the students because SAGE lets us. We can act on the needs and wants because of our partnership,” Daniels emphasized.

The improvements are noticeable, especially among returning students. Simpson senior JT Branch, recalls how the cafe was his freshman year;

“My freshman year the cafe did not have a lot of taste or options, but slowly improved”, JT recalled.

“But now in my senior year, there are more options, better and tastier,” JT said.

The better options and incredible improvement in the cafe has helped the overall student experience at Simpson. The workers and partnership of SAGE and Simpson make the cafeteria a safe place for students to unload and enjoy a good meal.

Daniels was very passionate and proud of the cafeteria and said,

“Our staff is a large group of talent. We are dedicated to creating fresh, appealing food, and we will never stop progressing in food services, as long as the world progresses, so will we.”

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