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Challenge Accepted: New Athletic Director Tom Seitz

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

By Paulina Diaz

Photo credit: Google

Athletic Director Tom Seitz is not just a serious office guy. When he is not running the Athletics Department, he is busy discovering new Redding sites.

During his days off, Seitz likes to go to the beach, climb mountains, and head outdoors.

“I probably come across as even-keeled and maybe introverted a little bit. In reality,

I am very much outgoing. I like to get to know people better and enjoy a lot of the same things that people enjoy. I like to take advantage of what is offered in the area,” Seitz said.

It was not just the great outdoors that brought Seitz here.The school’s faith statement and its diverse athletic program are two of the things Seitz said he likes the most about Simpson University.

In the midst of a very challenging school year, Seitz hopes his 25-year experience in athletics will contribute to success. Seitz said his four core values are: athletic performance, academic excellence, spiritual growth, and character development. “If we are successful in those four different areas, I think our program will be successful overall,” he said.

Seitz will bring a similar culture to the one former Athletic Director Tom Galbraith brought. “A culture of striving for excellence,” Simpson University Women’s Basketball Coach Derrick Pringle said. Pringle affirms that Seitz wants the athletic department to be a contender in the Cal Pac and in the future, be able to compete for national titles.

This year is different for all coaches, players, and staff. According to Seitz, COVID-19 has changed the landscape for college athletics and athletics in general.

“All of our fall sports conference games have been postponed until the spring. So, while we are not competing in games, we are practicing and working out. It will become very hectic in the spring, if we are able to compete, when everyone is trying to compete at the same time,” Seitz said.

Coach Pringle said that Galbraith did a great job of putting both the coaches and athletics teams in a great position to be successful. Now, Seitz will help bridge the gap between the athletic department and the school administration.

“One of the exciting things about having a new AD is learning a different leadership style. Tom Seitz comes to Simpson with a wealth of knowledge and experience, which I am looking forward to learning from,” Coach Pringle said via email.

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