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Chapel Options

By Ariana West

Photo credit: Ariana West

For Simpson and many other Christian universities alike, earning spiritual life or chapel credit is something pretty normal.

Here at Simpson, traditional undergrad students are required to receive seventeen spiritual life credits, eleven for nursing students, and seven for fourth semester nursing students.

While the normal chapel time is still 10:20 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays, some students are missing how things were last year when there were more opportunities to earn spiritual life credit outside of chapel itself.

Sophomore Kennedy Wulfestieg stated that, “There were more options last year and last semester. This semester is lacking.”

Last year with Campus Pastor Bill Griffin, he held many more events to give students the opportunity to earn chapel credits if they could not attend all of the chapels.

Glancing at emails from last year, there are several throughout the year from Griffin regarding extra opportunities for students to earn spiritual life credit. Events such as surveys, movie nights, and others were held quite often last year.

According to sophomore Alexandra Samson, there were more Bible studies last year, or at least they were advertised more so students knew about them. Also, Unite was held every night in the prayer chapel as a way to get spiritual life credit.

Samson also mentioned that last year there was a bowling night put on by Residence Life that was super fun. She continued by saying that more events like this would draw in more students.

Samson and Wulfestieg both agreed that they would like to see more activities outside of regular chapel in the upcoming school year.

For some students, juggling classes, athletics, homework, and after school jobs can make it extremely difficult to attend all the required chapels. If more events were offered at different times, students could not only get a different experience, but have an easier time fulfilling their spiritual life credit requirement.

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