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Discovering Your Identity

By Christian Valdez

Image By: Christian Valdez

One’s identity is simply not discovered overnight, but Spirit Men can provide a guiding hand in uncovering who you are.

Make sure to wander up the stairs of the Owens Center to room 204 to participate in the small group, Spirit Men. This men's group meets every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Not only is this weekly event worth chapel credit, but also offers the incentive of discovering your identity with the help of a knowledgeable group leader.

Riley Waggoner is a biblical studies major that you might recognize from his involvement in chapel. Waggoner is a vocalist for the worship team and a campus ministry leader. Waggoner said his Christ-centered life inspired him to take up the role of leading the group, Spirit Men. Waggoner has led small groups before including a holiday group last semester.

The experienced group leader says that his meetings are “another way to encounter the Lord” outside of chapel. Waggoner explains that Spirit Men is all about creating an environment where guys can discover who they are.

“By doing that, we can build a culture on campus where men are walking in their true calling to be who they were born to be and I felt this was something the Lord was calling me to do,” he said.

Spirit Men is a small group with big goals for shaping the culture on campus. Waggoner’s group follows a unique and interactive format in pursuit of this goal. For instance, last week’s meeting was built around the theme of servanthood. The meeting opened with a Kahoot to break the ice. Waggoner then presented a scripture passage. Later, the group leader provided commentary on the scripture.

Not long after this, Cars and Rudy movie clips were played on the screen. The leader then related the clips back to the theme of servanthood. Light questioning and prayer followed.

After the meeting, Simpson student, Timothy Isenberg who has attended two sessions shared,

“I really appreciate that the small group goes into deep topics like what it means to live as a servant or what it means to have a father son relationship with God. It’s not only giving me head knowledge, but also helps me draw closer to God. Additionally since it is a guys small group, it is very relevant and applicable to my own life.”

As Isenberg said, this is relevant. The small group lasts the entire semester so come on by. The topics will vary from week to week, however, some of the themes will be on how to be warriors, servants, lovers, and more. Waggoner said he is passionate about what he is doing at these meetings. Waggoner says,

“God fuels everything I do” and he wants people to encounter God as well as uncover their identity through Spirit Men.

Source: Riley Waggoner

Source: Timothy Isenberg

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