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Diverse but United

By: Caleb Gonzalez-Melendez

Picture taken by Caleb Gonzalez-Melendez (SU VIDA members)

Simpson University students are predominantly white, yet the campus is more diverse than the entire county.

2 years ago Simpson University had little to no representation for the several ethnic groups and nationalities that were part of the Simpson student body. Now within Simpson there are the established clubs for the several races and nationalities that work to share their cultures.

Simpson University has Asian , Hispanic, and Black clubs that are solely committed to bringing awareness, and showing pride in a diverse manner to the group it represents on campus. These clubs are a way for students to understand the cultures that are all over the University and appreciate the world that we live in, expanding students' knowledge, and understand where their friends, roommates, and teammates came from

Black Simpson University club (BSU) member Ron Bollings states “BSU has helped me connect with my culture, express appreciation, and be proud of who I am, which I think is what my ancestors would want.”

Simpson University Hispanic club (SU Vida) member Rosas Espinoza said “Participating in SU Vida has become a conduit through which I am able to share my culture and past experiences as a youth community leader. In SU vida I can express my Mexican culture with other Hispanic cultures.”

Rosa passionately stated “ In the club’s future, I hope to open the club to more students on campus so that students may know journeys and interact through activities to engage in components foreign so that we can integrate into a diverse future”.

Each Club plans events with the hopes of including the Simpson University community as a whole with each club creating inspiration and potential additions are endless.

Ron emphasized “I want to see every group of people have their club on campus. If you're European, if you're African, if you're Asian, I want to learn and everyone should be proud to show where they came from.”

Simpson University is passionate about world service and reaching out to the community and exposing students to every nation, tribe and tongue as God's people. Simpson University Diverse clubs help students feel connected to their roots even if they are not native to the United States. Diversity is a part of life and Simpson University is very diverse but united in school spirit. With the rising student population more unique cultures come and an opportunity to expand as a community becomes more likely.

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