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Dogs On Campus

By Hayley Wylie

Beware of the dogs on campus.

This semester at Simpson University, a new addition has been added to the campus. This addition comes in the form of decoy dogs.

Geese have been a common problem in Redding for a few years. The Record Searchlight has reported that “Twice in May the birds caused power outages when they flew into lines above Locust Street and Civic Center Drive near Redding City Hall,”

They have also caused Whiskeytown Lake to warn swimmers about E.coli being spread according to The Record Searchlight. However, for the past couple of years, Geese have terrorized Simpson University’s campus as well.

“They’re always in the parking lot, making it hard to drive otherwise they could get hurt. I’m also constantly watching where I walk because of the geese poop,” Katie O’Connor, a Sophomore at Simpson said.

The solution to this problem could be found in the form of a fake dog.

According to, the seller of the decoy dogs, all that needs to be done in order to scare off the geese are simple.

“Place our dog decoys in the area where geese are unwanted. The geese see the dogs as a threat and will not come back as long as the dog silhouettes are in place. A slight breeze will cause the dogs to move and make them appear real, frightening the geese away,” The site claims.

Paul Davis, the Director of Campus Operations, explains that the goal of the dogs is to keep the geese from pooping on the sidewalks. “We have to put them in smaller grass areas to discourage the geese each day. We have to rotate location so the geese never get comfortable,” Davis says via email.

But as the weather changes and the sunny days start to disappear, so will the geese when they migrate for the winter. Hopefully giving Simpson students, staff, and faculty, a break.

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