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Dorm Lifestyle

by: Javonntie Jackson

Welcome back Red Hawks!

After another covid year at Simpson, we are sure to shake things up with all the fresh faces this year. There are six residence halls on campus. With, 350-400 new students, most first-year students are normally housed in Thompson-Mangham Hall, an all-male dorm or Irwin-Shellrude Hall, an all-female dorm. Morgan-Sharpe Hall is available for upper-classmen female students, as well as Currie-Ediger Hall, which is a male upper-classmen dorm.

Each residence hall has an incredibly unique style making Simpson’s dorms a great environment to live in. In Currie, each room has a closet to share and a bathroom to share with four people. Thompson has a four-person room uniquely set up to make living comfortable.

According to second year volleyball player, Chase Blucher who was living in Thompson-Mangham last year and is now living in Currie-Edinger Hall said, “The dorms at Thomson are a lot more spacious and more places to put things rather than the ones in at Currie. Blucher continued and said that the dorms were more alive and fun last year than this year. Because of covid, people were forced to make connections within the dorms, now it seems like everyone is out doing their own thing. One of the aspects Blucher believes Residence Life could work on is bringing back co-ed dorms.

Junior, Noah Bryerton, is a fresh face on campus. Even though it is his first year here, he is also the second-floor RA for Currie. Bryerton thinks Currie is the best residence hall to live in on campus. He said, “Currie is one of the cleanest dorms on campus, Morgan is a pretty fantastic dorm as well because the girls always have it smelling nice over there.”

Each residence hall has its perks but living on campus is much more convenient than living off-campus and getting to live in the dorms is such a huge part of getting the whole entire “college experience.”

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