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Fans Return to Athletic Arena

By: Joseph Bell

Fans are back!

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For most athletes and fans, it’s been difficult having Simpson sports teams play behind closed doors during COVID.

“Athletics brings a positive energy to the campus which translates directly to the players on the team,” assistant men's soccer coach, Gary Weaver said.

Mohammad Salaymeh, a junior soccer player, agreed with his coach. Adding that he has missed the environment and crowd of the people around the field. It’s one of the biggest things that helps motivate him to play. The stress of having to worry about COVID has gone down for players as well.

AIdyn Espino, a Sophomore on the soccer team, said having fans in person brings a more lively environment to the field or court. Espino added, with fans present, teams are motivated to play harder for those that come to support them.

Coaches are also thrilled for athletics to be back and fully open again.

According to assistant soccer coach Gary Weaver, “For me, with athletics going again, it brings a more positive vibe to the campus. Working in the athletic department it’s great to see student athletes in and out of coaches offices, weight room, and practice facilities

Added men's head soccer coach Erly Corejo said, “it will impact the morale of our team being able to play games and enjoy the college experience. It’s a huge sacrifice of time and money to play, but it’s worth it if the experience is able to play while earning their degrees.”

It may take time and effort, but for Corejo, it’s worth it.

“The playing field, gym, etc., is a place where many of us feel the most self-confident and are comfortable socially,” Corejo said.

Weaver agreed.

“Athletics brings a positive energy to the campus which translates directly to the players on the team,” he said. “It also is a chance for teams to follow each other and brings a sense of pride in competing and wanting to do well.”

Come cheer on YOUR teams.

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