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Finding Your Why

By Elizabeth Aleo

Simpson Graduates find their why working in Student Development.

Noah Bryerton said that he is a Graduate student director of events who loves God, people, and Simpson. Kia Flack said that she is the event coordinator who loves people, creativity, hospitality, and nature. David Miller said that he is a Graduate student director of housing and commuters. He also said that he is compassionate and understanding.

Bryerton said what his big "why" was.

“Good question! I am still figuring this out, but I will say ‘Making Christ known through my actions by being a blessing to other people,” Bryerton said.

Miller’s why is centered around making people known at Simpson.

“My ‘Why’ is because there are students old and new here at Simpson that feel lost, and I have an opportunity to make their experience here at Simpson a good one no matter how small it may feel some days,” Miller said.

Flack has a big why that is centered around loving people and making a better world.

“My big ‘why’ would probably be to see and love people for who they are and, to collaborate with each other to make this world a better place,” Flack said.

They were then asked why they chose this position and why here at Simpson.

“The chance to plan events and create spaces where people can connect and enjoy themselves doing crazy stuff, they wouldn't do anywhere else,” Bryerton said.

He fell in love with the campus when he visited 4 years ago.

“I had people who I knew would be willing to invest in me and my potential as a person and a leader. We are in a gorgeous part of the U.S. and serve a school that wants to make Jesus known across the world. Sounds pretty dreamy to me,” Bryerton said.

Miller, who is familiar with the campus and student life, wants to help students adjust here at Simpson.

“I chose to be a grad assistant in student development because I knew that I could help new students adjust to Simpson as I did here. I am very familiar with the campus and area as well as the student life” Miller said.

Flack, who has been a part of student leadership, helps find opportunities for connection and growth for students at Simpson.

“I chose this position because I loved the team I was joining, and I was excited to help provide fun opportunities for connection and growth for our students. I love Simpson because the staff and faculty are incredibly invested in being a part of students' lives. I was excited to continue to be a part of this culture of investment and care. I have greatly enjoyed working with the CAB team and being a part of their lives as we also put on events for the rest of the student body.” Flack said.

Different advice was given to students here at Simpson.

“I would encourage students to bring their teammates and classmates to events and get to know different groups. It’s so fun when we are all interconnected and are able to journey the college experience together,” Flack said.

Miller had different advice for students.

“Get out of your room and explore the campus and area around. If you do not get involved, you will have a hard time growing and experiencing all that Simpson and the world has to offer,” Miller said.

Bryerton expressed how important it is to find someone to look up to.

“Find someone who is more mature than you or that you look up to and ask them to mentor/disciple you through your time here. This has been so transformational for me!” Bryerton said.

Bryerton, who is very well-known on campus, has encouraged students to show up to different events.

“I would say choose to just show up at things on campus. Just showing up gives you the opportunity to meet new people (possibly life-long friends or future spouse) while making amazing memories. Once you start showing up to things, you will know more people and feel more known at Simpson,” Bryerton said.

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