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Foreign Film History Looms

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By: Christian Valdez

A German reimagination of an American classic could soon take plenty of Academy Awards back to Deutschland.

All Quiet on the Western Front is a German film nominated for 9 Academy Awards including awards such as best picture and best international feature according to The Hollywood Reporter. All Quiet on the Western Front could be in for a big night at the Oscars on March 12.

Only one foreign film earned the best picture Oscar in 94 years. Parasite was the first of 10 previously nominated foreign language films to win this award in 2020 according to YK Law. Foreign films have won awards before, but best picture has eluded a majority of them. The German film could continue the change that Parasite started.

All Quiet on the Western Front is a World War I drama exclusively available on Netflix. The film debuted on October 28. IMDb rates the foreign film at a 7.8/10. The film follows the journey of teenage Germans who naively enlist in the war effort in pursuit of some type of glory. They are soon shocked by the unforeseen horrors of war.

The movie is entirely in German with subtitles. You can still watch this motion picture on Netflix today to see what all the excitement concerning the film is about.

There have been 4 versions of this film. The first was an American take on the story that debuted in 1930, according to Made for The film claimed two Oscars including best picture. The German remake has captured the Academy’s eye much like its 1930 predecessor.

History may repeat itself on Hollywood’s most magical night. All Quiet on the Western Front could become the second foreign film to take home the best picture award. The film has a great chance to take other awards home. Find out if history is going to take place on March 12.

You can watch the Academy Awards on ABC, ABC app, and The awards start at 5 p.m. PDT according to U.S.A. Today.

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