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Goodbye Google

By: Daisy Brenegan

Source: via Google

On August 11th , Simpson University announced via text that students had to change from using Google to Microsoft. The text also stated “You need to export any data from your Google account by the end of the day today to prevent data loss.”

With many students still on summer vacations. Many were not paying attention to any of the texts, as well as emails they received from the school.

Numerous students had never used Microsoft before or had not used it in years. This was an adjustment for them. There were many students who did not receive the announcement at all. These students who didn’t receive the text did not get the chance to save all their data. For others it was easy for them to switch over as well as save their data in time.

Junior Dimitri Margelis said, “There’s not a huge difference between Google and Microsoft so for me it was an easy change and I didn’t need to save anything off of my google account.”

Although, other students were not as fortunate.

Senior Tommy Willis states, “I never got the text that we had switched over, I actually found out from someone that doesn’t even go to Simpson anymore and I ended up losing all files from google docs. That really sucked.”

Junior Dante Ramos states, “I think since many students use free services like Google docs, having a Gmail school account makes more sense because it connects us with many more services. If anything it makes me question what incentives the administration had for changing it.”

The way Simpson announced the transition from Google to Microsoft left many in the dark. Now with the semester at the halfway mark. Many students have adjusted.

With Google being gone for good, Simpson students will have to learn their ways around Microsoft. If you are having issues with entering your Microsoft account contact IT at 530-226-4940. There are also videos on YouTube done by Microsoft to teach how to navigate Microsoft word and Outlook.

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