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Hot Potato, Couch Potato, Where Are They Now?

Photo by: Caitlin Chavez of the 2021 Davenport Derby

Some of the couches from last year's Davenport Derby are back! But, which sofas survived?

Last year’s Derby was an energetic event for Simpson students where each dorm floor decorated their own couch with a theme of their choice. And race against their dorm floor opponents around Simpson Boulevard to win 1st place. There were different themed couches such as a Shrek couch, a fudge brownie, a Christmas couch, a cow couch, and others. With the Davenport Derby 2022 right around the corner on October 14, some of the students have been wondering, a few common questions about the past couch potatoes: Where are they now? Do they live among us? Will we see them again this year? Are we using brand new couches?

Sarah Jobson, the Associate Dean of Campus Life shared that a few of the couches from last year did make the cut to go another round. They’re in good condition without severe damage from the decorating process or racing. Most importantly for any race, they will be getting brand new feet!

“We’re changing the wheels from last year. So, everyone’s got brand new wheels”, said Jobson.

The other couches would not make the cut due to weathering, and damage that wouldn’t last.

“They just weren’t fit for a second round of racing," said Simpson student and RA, Justine Crassweller.

The couches are waiting in better condition than before in Simpson’s storage to be taken out and drafted by students for their floor on Oct. 6 for the Davenport Derby’s Draft.

For this year’s Davenport Derby, Jobson is hoping students will have a good time! “And if we can provide that with food, music, hosts, and racing couches?!” said Jobson. Since this is our 2nd year running this fun event, she also hopes to build on the excitement from it and to continue building that excitement.

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