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ID Issues

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Rebecca Fogde

Freshmen students struggled to get food with IT’s printer broken.

Over the weekend (of Sept. 9-10) IT was closed. No one was able to get their IDs even though they tried. The only freshmen and transfer students with IDs were people who went to IT on Friday (Sept. 8). Monday morning after welcome weekend students tried to get their IDs but were told the machine was broken. After the incident, we started to see the use of digital IDs. Students question if this is the future of IDs.

Simpson University IDs are used for many things on campus. Students use them for getting into dorms, meal plans in the caf, and getting into buildings. Most students already have their IDs so they can proceed with no trouble. However, the incoming freshmen and transfer students have been affected.

Different students reacted in different ways. Sisham Uprety, a freshman from Nepal explained her experience.

“I went to the IT department on Monday and they said the printer was broken and gave me a digital ID. I think it was pretty effective. I could just show it in the cafeteria and get my food,” Uprety said.

There were also students who were not satisfied with the issue.

“It's not a problem, more of an inconvenience,” Sam Delgadillo, a freshman from Napa Valley, California explained.

In the end, the fresh IDs were handed out on Tuesday the 12th and Wednesday the 13th (of Sept.). The problem was finally solved. Though digital IDs do not seem to be the future maybe this is something we will see more of.

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