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Keep it Green

By Daisy Brenegan

In today’s world, recycling is very important.

With pollution being a problem, recycling allows products to be reused and reduces the waste in our landfill. Recycling helps to keep the planet green.

Up until October 16th, Simpson has been sporadically recycling for five years. Recently, posters and bins have been put up for recycling, leading students to believe Simpson will begin recycling again.

Director of Campus Operations, Paul Davis, said “The business club in the past has headed up collecting and turning in recyclables for their club. We would love to support this program any way we can it just needs to be student-driven so they have ownership in this important initiative,” Said Davis.

Katie Hollingsworth and her boyfriend Marjoe Delacruz have been recycling their own bottles and cans for quite some time. “My boyfriend takes our recyclables to Northstate Recycling, I think we should have a club on campus to encourage students to recycle because the school does not take any of the recycling on campus to any recycling centers,” Hollingsworth said.

After taking a poll with a majority of students that live on campus, 90% voted that Simpson should recycle, 5% voted Simpson should not recycle and 2% said they do not care.

Some students were also unaware that the school did not recycle. 83% of students voted that were unaware that Simpson did not recycle. While the rest voted that they already knew they did not.

Simpson students are very happy that the school has decided to start recycling again. Hopefully one day a club is formed. For now, we must do our best to recycle. Let’s keep our planet green.

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