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Kick it and Quit it

By: Caleb Gonzalez Melendez

Image By: Rosa Espinoza

Simpson students came together as a community and engaged in a friendly kickball competition, with 300 dollars’ worth of gift cards on the line.

On Feb. 12, , international and domestic students participated in a kickball tournament. The event was run by Gateway leader Scott Studebaker, and new international admission coordinator, Sam Crawford. Scott has been serving and aiding international students since his days at Michigan State University in the 1980s.

Scott recalls,

“Michigan State University had the biggest international student population in the United States at the time. Me and my wife promised when we were retired and settled we would do whatever we could to help internationals.”

While welcoming internationals to his home, Scott also wanted to run school events for the internationals that would be engaging and exciting.

“It was the pastor from Trinity Alliance church, Shawn Van De Mark, that suggested kickball, and Sarah Jobson recommended the time slot” Scott said.

To give everyone a chance the game did not keep track of who scored and the purpose of winning the prize was not based on home runs or anything like that.

Scott explains

“Participants were given tickets for each base attained or outs made. The more tickets accumulated the greater the chance to win prizes.”

The prizes were 25 dollar gift cards from fast food places included Chipotle, In and Out, Panda Express, Dutch Bros, and Starbucks.

To make sure International students were playing, every domestic student that wanted to play had to bring a friend that was an international student, and if any domestic student won a prize they had to share it with the international student that they brought. Awards were given out from a drawing, based on tickets collected during the game.

In total 40 students, 6 faculty and staff members participated in the tournament. The participants were split into 3 teams and several students observed the game.

Scott emphasized

“Dr Pat Blewtt, Dr. Sloan, Dr. Thomas Omwando and Dr. Smith each helped with the raffle and selected the winning tickets, as well as handing out the prizes”.

Participant and team captain Fatima Venezuela expressed

“It was so much fun, beautiful day and just play”

Overall, students were able to have an amazing experience on a Saturday morning and showed friendly competition while welcoming students foreign to the United States. Whether different language, culture, or lifestyles, Simpson students came together in unison to play a friendly fun match of kickball. Scott’s next event for Internationals will be a Board Game Extravaganza on March 5, starting at 9 p.m.

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