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Let Them Cook

By Jewelia Zaragoza

Photo by Jewelia Zaragoza

Football at Simpson University is in full motion.

The newest sports team has added some new spunk to campus. They have competed in 2 scrimmages and a showcase. One against George Fox University and one against Pacific Northwest Christian College.

Lebron Thomas is a freshman from Red Bluff, California. He has been playing football for 14 years. Thomas said being a part of the team is very fun.

“I think the team is very family-like,” Thomas said.

With Simpson being such a small school the team you are a part of becomes your family.

“The atmosphere is very competitive. Everyone wants to play at any cost,” Thomas said.

Head Coach, Shawn Daniel, put many hours into the recruiting process. He worked at finding some of the best athletes near and far.

“The recruiting process was fun, I think. I was ready to ball out and play football. Coaches were very ecstatic.” Thomas expressed.

These athletes are putting in their best efforts to play and to get that starting spot.

“We’ve been in the lab,” Thomas said.

Freshman from Tracy, California, Raymond Corral Jr. has been playing football for 14 years.

Corral said that his experience with the whole team has been amazing.

“We really became one, not just as a culture but as a unit. [They are a] Very supportive coaching staff and school, somewhat,” Corral Jr. said.

The coaches want the best for their players. Simpson University professors, staff, and students want good things to come out of the football program.

“[We] not only play but we all want to win,” Corral said.

A culture change was bound to happen on campus. Over 60 football players came into the Fall 2023 semester. The culture is going to continue to change. It will grow as our football team and student body does.

“[We] want to start something that is going to be here for a long time,” Corral said.

The duo expounded on their eagerness to show the talent the team has.

“We’re excited and ready to showcase what we’ve been practicing,” both Thomas and Corral said, “[The] team chemistry has been growing.”

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