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Levitating Out of Your Seat

Image from Google: Photo by Mark Brown

By Christian Valdez

Music fans across the globe congregate to stadiums and event centers to witness Dua Lipa’s powerful presentation of her long awaited Future Nostalgia tour.

The 26 year old singer is one of the hottest topics in music at the moment. Lipa’s second album, Future Nostalgia, has placed in the top ten since its debut in 2020 according to One of her newest songs “Cold Heart” is in the top ten according to the billboard global charts. Fans cannot stop listening to the three time Grammy winner’s music.

The pop star is touring right now and Lipa recently performed four hours from the school on March 27. Lipa performed at the SAP Center in San Jose that is home to the Sharks hockey team. The small complex made everyone in the arena feel within touching distance of the stage.

You could see everything from the second level. Lipa proved to be a master of anticipation as it took some time for her to take the stage. Audience members exploded with excitement once the pop star took the stage. Lipa established her mesmerizing stage presence early on by strutting

up and down the extended stage singing her opening song, “Physical.”

The arena was rocking the whole time as fans sang along with the pop star. Lipa engaged with the audience by encouraging fans to sing along and by singing songs to specific people in the crowd. The singer was also elevated onto a moving platform that soared over the crowd. This choice was perfect considering that she was singing “Levitating” during this time.

Lipa enthralled the audience during the one hour and forty minute performance. The artist delivered a speech mid concert that captured the hearts of her fans. Lipa said,

“I’m feeling a bit emotional and excited,” while talking about her tour being delayed for two years by the pandemic.

The artist began to tear up as the crowd roared with support for her.

The artist’s voice was truly on point and her dancing along with her backup dancers created a captivating environment. The dance choreography was fun and dynamic. The light show and videos displayed on the huge screen supplemented the performance. The vibrant light colors varied based on the mood of each song, which was clever.

Overall this concert was incredible. Fans were entertained and captivated the entire duration. Concerts post COVID are looking great especially the Future Nostalgia tour. This was a solid 9/10 and the only issue is that Lipa did not come out for a second encore.

Lipa's voice is better in person by far. Spotify does not do her musical talent justice. The power that her voice has can only be truly experienced in person. Next time she is in northern California, make sure to see her.

Image from Dua Lipa’s Instagram

All images not labeled were taken by Christian Valdez

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