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“Of the Cuff” Review

By Ariana West

Not only was the show full of laughs, it also had a lot of deep, faith-driven messages.

Dr. Norm Hall described Michael Jr. as, “Someone who has integrated his faith into his life and he’s using that to motivate change. And it was an easy decision to bring him to Simpson.”

Combining comedy with faith can be a key way to reach people, as laughter can allow people to open up more. Not only would Jr, make the audience laugh like crazy, he would take advantage of this and share a spiritual message with them.

Michael Jr. was also very personable and even interacted with the audience. He would pick a random person and ask them questions about their life, and then would somehow come up with a joke on the spot based on what the person would say. I personally have never seen a comedian interact with an audience as much as Jr. did. I think it made people feel more connected to him, and feel like a part of the show.

Michael Jr. has made appearances on The Late Show, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Oprah, CNN, and ComedyTV. He has performed at some pretty prestigious comedy clubs as well including; The Laugh Factory, The Improv, and the Comedy Store. Not to mention he regularly entertains at colleges such as; Notre Dame, Harvard, Liberty University, and the University of Alabama. He also performs at various churches across the nation according to a press release from Simpson News.

After asking Michael Jr. why he chose to come to our small school, he explained to me that he felt it was where God wanted him to come and he felt this was a good spot to visit. He also said he really enjoyed his experience here at Simpson.

Michael Jr. has been a clean comic his whole career meaning he does not curse when he performs and tries to keep his shows appropriate for all ages.

He said he tries to use comedy as a way to help people and as a vehicle to lead people to Christ. Instead of just trying to get laughs from people he wants to help others find their purpose.

Jr. has been a Christian for close to twenty years and hopes he made an impact during his performance here at Simpson.

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