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Oscar Awards 2022

By: Timea Horvath

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Who doesn’t enjoy a peaceful evening with a good movie to watch? A movie with an interesting story to tell, attention-grabbing cinematography and our favorite actors. Since we are all students in California, it would be difficult not to talk about the Oscars, which were happening only 500 miles away from Redding.

This year’s Oscars ceremony was nothing like the ones before. The story of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is all over the internet and it seems like everyone has an opinion on it. On the other hand, there aren’t many people discussing the awards that have been given to movie producers, actors, and others involved in this field, even though they are the reasons why the Oscars are held each year. And to receive an Oscar is an incredible achievement and a big honor. Still, not many college students are watching the movies that have received Oscars or were nominated for them. According to New York Times and CNBC there is an ongoing decline of people watching award shows, one of which being the Oscars.

“Last year the broadcast experienced record low ratings, bringing in a mere of 9.8 million viewers. Just eight years ago, the Oscars nabbed more than 40 million viewers,” CNN Business shared. College students are a big part of the decline, as many of us do not watch TV anymore. While it is understandable that with such a big number of assignments, or practices most of us do not have three hours to watch the Oscars, it would be nice if we at least knew this year’s nominees and winners. So, who won this year?

The award for actor in leading role went to Will Smith for his role of Richard Williams in the movie “King Richard.” After the drama of him slapping Chris Rock many people were thinking if the Academy would take his Oscar, however, they have decided that he could keep it.

Jessica Chastain won best actress in a leading role for playing Tammy Faye Bakker in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.” While her name may not be as familiar as Will Smith’s, most of us know her for her roles in “Interstellar” or “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.”

The winner of best animated feature film was the movie “Encanto,” which most of us have seen and like. Another movie that was relatively popular among the younger generation, mostly college students, is Dune. It received multiple Oscar awards, for the best cinematography, film editing, music (original score) by Hans Zimmer, production design, sound, and visual effects. The award of best music (original song) went to “No Time to Die” from the newest James Bond movie. A lot of people were wondering why “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” wasn’t nominated, as it was number 1 song in the US for weeks. There is a reason for it.

According to BBC “The Oscars' submission deadline for this category was 1 November. But Encanto wasn't released until three weeks later - 21 November. As a result, Disney were in the delicate position of trying to predict which song from the film would connect the most with the public before any of the public had actually seen it.”

The company had no way of predicting the success that “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” amassed over the past couple of months.

This year’s Oscars ceremony was certainly one of a kind and will be remembered for a long time, hopefully not only because of the drama around Will Smith and Chris Rock.

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