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“Pimpson University”

By Jacob Greene'

Screenshot (edited from original) via Jacob Greene’s Instagram

A meme account was created and deleted within a week. What was the real meaning behind the Simpson meme account?

Over spring break a student who wants to remain anonymous created a meme account on Instagram. Students and some faculty followed the page named “pimpson_memes.” Although this account had many followers, some students, like Gianna Smith, did not follow it.

“I thought it could go bad and I didn't want to get in trouble for following it.”

She did say that some of the memes were funny. But she agreed that they did step over the line at times. When asked if she thought it was good the account got deleted, she replied,

“Yes and no because yes some of them were bad, not funny I thought. But like it gave all the student body something to laugh at.”

Smith commented that she thinks the person running it shut it down. Not someone in administration. She also added that,

“I think it was like a fun way to all stay connected over spring break. They were still like posting memes about Simpson when not everyone was here.”

Eli Mandujano stated over text,

“Even though pimpson memes only lasted for 2 weeks, it was a good 2 weeks.”

Many students wonder who was running the account. Smith elaborated that she did not think the truth would come out about who ran it.

“At least from me,” she said with her trademark giggle.

If students caught it, you could tell who it was before the account got shut down. We do not know if it was reported or deleted. But, if you were quick enough, or know the right people you may have caught a video the account posted on their story. The quick video showed a 360-degree panoramic view that revealed a vehicle in the background.

Contrary to popular opinion, we may find out who it is after all. The account has been recreated recently. Mandujano said (via text),

“I saw that there is a new meme page. I requested to follow it, but I am still waiting to be accepted.”

The account only has one post and has not been as active as the previous account was. Perhaps the secret memer will slip up yet again and accidentally reveal their identity.

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