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RAs are Rocking

By: Andrew Galindo

Image By: Dylan Cabral

Things have been crazy this year for the Simpsons Residents Assistants (RA), from naked men walking into the dorms to flooded bathrooms because of clogged pipes. The RAs handled it all. The spotlight this week is going to be on Thompson's 3rd floor RA Dylan Cabral and Currie’s 2nd floor RA Noah Bryerton.

RA jobs are not always easy, they are responsible for what goes on with their floor, they must deal with people they have never met, and it can require them to get out of their comfort zone.

“The struggles I have had so far are writing guys up for incident reports which is always tough, especially if it is a friend because it definitely damages the friendship,” Bryerton said.

But being an RA has many benefits too.

Cabral said it has had an impact on his life and his social skills.

“Being able to network has been good, it also brought me a little out of my comfort zone,” Cabral said. “I am not usually one to be a leader so being an RA helps with leadership qualities.”

Maybe you should consider being an RA.

“I have loved being an RA so far, it has had its ups and downs. Having a great team and great bosses such as Brian, Michelle, and Sarah it has been a phenomenal time,” Bryerton said.

The chance to create community on their floors is both of their biggest goals. It creates lifelong friendships, a better sense of feeling at home, and gives everyone the chance to feel like they have someone to talk to when nobody else will listen.

For the future RAs here are some helpful tips that Cabral and Bryerton put together.

-Time Management

-Balance your personal life and RA life well

-Be yourself! No fake personas

-Hold good events to keep your floor involved

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