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Redding's Walk for Freedom

By Hayley Wylie

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On Saturday, October 19th 2019, Hundreds of Thousands of people walked all over the globe in hopes to put an end to Human Trafficking.

A21, a nonprofit organization from Australia that strives to help victims of human trafficking, conducts a Walk For Freedom every year.

According to their website, within the past five years, they have organized over 1400 walks in over 50 countries.

“It’s an awareness and fundraising event rallying tens of thousands of abolitionists, taking millions of steps in hundreds of cities all over the world,” The official A21 website claims.

This year was the first year that the city of Redding has participated in the walk.

The walk took place along the Sacramento river trail form Caldwell park to the Sundial bridge and back.

Katie Hollingsworth, a Senior at Simpson University, participated in the walk last year in Chico and returned this year for the walk Redding. “This was the first year that the walk was hosted in Redding so it was quite small, but I am really excited to see it grow over the years. Raising awareness for the realities of human trafficking and promoting anti-trafficking organizations is incredibly important and something I’m always glad to be apart of. Hopefully, in the future the Simpson community will be more involved,” Hollingsworth said.

The walk can be expected to come back to Redding in October 2020, more information can be found on

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