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Rest and Relaxation

By Ariana West

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With midterms and the stress of being a college student in the midst of a pandemic, everyone has seemed on edge lately.

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, Simpson held a Day of Shalom. Classes and sports practices were cancelled for the entire day. 

Events included free hammocks and free drinks to the first 30 students, hamburgers and drinks during lunch in front of the Bean Scene, blessings and prayers in the Prayer Tent, and online Shalom activities for credit. 

Junior Caleb Gonzalez described his Day of Shalom as much needed especially because he has three midterms coming up. Gonzalez cleaned, slept, and used his day to study. 

Gonzalez also said that he would really like more Days of Shalom in the future because this one, “really helped student morale especially during these stressful and uncertain times.” 

While it is unknown whether or not there will be another Day of Shalom anytime soon, students have Thanksgiving break to look forward to for now.

Students such as Communication major and golfer Eric Norris would like to see the Day of Shalom on a Tuesday or Thursday, the days he has more classes on. 

Tuesday and Thursdays are also days with no chapel, which would give students the entire day to rest, study, spend time with the Lord, etc.

Good luck to everyone with their midterms. We got this!

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