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Restaurant Review: "Chicken Shack"

Picture Credit: Visit Redding
Picture Credit: Visit Redding

By Andre Alvarez

Many people are accustomed to familiar chicken spots like that of Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC), Popeyes, Chick- fil - a and Church’s chicken. But one familiar spot that people are not accustomed to and is making a splash in the Redding area is The Chicken Shack.

The Chicken Shack is a restaurant that does not classify as fast food, but it has affordable prices that will not break one’s bank based on the quality food. The Shack does a significant job of separating themselves from the traditional chicken spots in the area.

This separation from other spots is made through their diversity in their menu. The shack is able to incorporate unique meals that include menu sections of chicken waffle sandwiches, brioche bun sandwiches, loaded chicken fries. Chicken wings and buttermilk tenders plus fries. Out of these diverse courses, their chicken waffle sandwiches and their loaded fries have made the biggest splash with students at Simpson University.

Students who have tried the shack are impressed with the menu items. Junior Damien Awai, a general studies major says the shack, “it is way different than what KFC is about. They have the one and only fire fries. Chicken shack got that smack.” Said Awai.

The shack has been able to attract people with their well-known course of loaded chicken fries that include buffalo fried chicken bites, pepperjack, ranch, bleu cheese crumbles and chives.

With these combinations, they have managed to show their variety in their courses of chicken not just throughout their whole menu, but differentiate themselves from other chicken establishments.

If you are in the area and want something that is different from the usual chicken spot, stop by The Chicken Shack. They are located at 2586 Churn Creek Rd, Redding, CA. Change it up and give the shack a taste.

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