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Senior Spotlight

By Ariana West

We asked these seniors the following:

What was your favorite and least favorite part about Simpson?

What are your plans after graduation?

Austen Salcedo

Communications Major

“The best part about Simpson for me was the teachers and my baseball coaches.My least favorite part would have to be the inconsistent cafeteria food and the mandatory chapels which would always conflict with my busy schedule.”

“My plans after graduation is to go back home, work on being a DJ, produce music, and work as a personal coach for baseball.”

Alex Cooper

Business Major

“My favorite part of being at Simpson was being apart of the women’s basketball program. They were my second family and I have always felt welcomed there. Every person I played with taught me something about myself I didn’t know before. My least favorite part is the lack of diversity we have at this school. It was extremely difficult attending a school where there were not always a lot of people who looked like me.I always felt like people’s eyes were on me because of the way I looked and carried myself.”

“After graduation I plan on getting my real estate license and staying in Redding for a year or two.”

Spencer Scofield                              

Business Major                 

 “I love the community at Simpson University, my favorite part would have to be the relationships I have built here. My least favorite part about Simpson is that everyone knows you, so don’t do anything embarrassing or everyone will know.”

"I plan to get a sales job while I start my own business. I plan to open ecommerce stores online and use that money to invest in real estate so that I can retire early.”

Ashley Oakley

Psychology Major

“My favorite part is that it was a new adventure to me and so far I haven’t regretted moving here. My least favorite part was leaving behind my best friends and family behind.”

“After graduation, I plan on continuing on to get my masters in counseling, but I’m not sure if I want to stay at Simpson or find a new adventure yet.”

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