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Senior Spotlight

By Bryce De Camargo

These seniors were asked there three questions:

What are your plans after you graduate?

What’s something you are going to miss about Simpson? Not miss?

What was your favorite class?

Photo credit: Simpson U Athletics

Blake Trent

1. After I graduate I want to play basketball overseas and then start my MBA.

2. I’m going to miss the teachers, my coaches and just the atmosphere of being at a school with such caring people.

3. My favorite class was New Testament with Dr. Painter.

Photo credit: Paul Bigelow

Paul Bigelow

1. After I graduate, I plan on going back to Simpson to get my California teaching credential. I would like to teach high school history and coach baseball. In the future, I’m also considering working for my masters degree in history to teach or coach at the collegiate level.

2. I’m going to miss my history professors and fellow classmates. I will also miss playing competitive baseball and listening to chapel worship music.I’m not going to miss night classes or 8am classes.

3. My two favorite classes at Simpson are the History of Modern Europe and Hermeneutics.

Photo credit: Brendan Moskal

Omar Leal

1. After I graduate, I want to become a police officer and sell solar panels.

2. I am going to miss playing soccer with all my friends, especially the old Lucas.

3. My favorite class was criminology with Dr. McCabe because the class consisted of mainly field trips.

Photo credit: Ali Harvey

Ali Harvey

1. After graduation I plan on working for a year in the Social Work field, I want to work with children in needy families. After that year I would like to go back to school to get my masters degree in either Social Work or Marriage and Family Psych.

2. I am definitely going to miss my softball family at Simpson as well as the Soccer team who allowed me to join their family my sophomore year. Aside from athletics the community of Simpson university was also something I really enjoyed.I won't miss the late night studying and stressing the day before tests.

My favorite class had to have been either Social Work with Professor Berger, or Psychopathology with Professor Newton.

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