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Senior Spotlight

By Franchesca Carrera and Ariana West

We asked these seniors the following two questions.

1. What is the biggest lesson you learned from your time at Simpson?

2. What are your plans after graduation?

Lily James

1. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned from being at Simpson is probably to have a better mentality or mindset preparing me for the future or in sports.”

2. “I’m planning on getting my masters in orthotic and prosthetics then work in the military.”

Blanca Casamort

1. “The importance of surrounding yourself with friends that will help you get through anything and that makes being far from home easier.”

2. “I want to do a master’s degree in International Relations after graduation.”

Andrew Cisneros

1. “The biggest lesson I learned from my time at Simpson is how to be more accepting of different cultures and upbringings and finding common ground.”

2. “My plans after graduation are to accept an assistant coach/recruiting coordinator job for our baseball program at Simpson. I eventually want to own my own business.”

Joshua Ladner

1. “The biggest lesson I learned from being at Simpson is probably that coming out of my shell reveals amazing people and experiences.”

2. “I’m going to stay in Redding and find a job somewhere.”

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