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Simpson Baseball Update

by Ariana West

Photo Credit: Simpson U Athletics

In the last issue, there was an article titled, “The Outsider of Simpson Athletics.” The goal of this article was to raise awareness for our baseball team not to anger or call anyone out.

The article went into detail about the baseball team and how they do not have the on-campus facilities that they desperately need. After talking to the coach and some players, the article described their progress with attaining these facilities such as a “game ready” field, batting cages, fencing, lights, etc.

So far this year, the team has been fundraising and doing their own field maintenance as coaches and players stated in the last article.

According to left fielder Aaron Torres, “We as The Simpson Baseball team dug the holes for our fence posts.”

Another player, senior pitcher Andrew Cisneros explained that, “We honestly have not noticed any more attention after the article was written. Since we are in season now, we are trying not to get distracted by things going on off the field and focus on playing well and trying to win.”

At the fireside chat on Monday, February 10th, President Norm Hall informed students attending that his first goal is to finish the baseball field. Hall stated that, “I talked to a guy that said he could make a sizable donation next year to help finish the field. He told me that he couldn’t do it this year, but next year could give $160,000.” Then Hall clarified that this can only happen if the gentleman sticks to his word.

As of right now, the team will continue to have their home games at Tiger Field for the remainder of this season.

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