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Simpson Beauty Pageant: Hawkman

By Hayley Wylie

On Friday, November 15th, Simson University hosted their second ever Hawkman.

Hawkman is a parody of a male beauty pageant, where men all over campus come together and compete to be crowned the official Hawkman.

The event took place in the Grant Center and involved seven competitors.

The night was hosted by Kevin Alcosiba and Lynsey Sullivan.

The competition began with a sandwich-making competition. Each man was paired up with another and had to make the best sandwich with the weird ingredients they were given. These ingredients included things like chocolate and sriracha.

Dr.Orr, a professor at Simpson University and a self-proclaimed “foodie”, tried one of the sandwiches and gave it a thumbs up.

Following the short competition was a talent portion.

Starting off was Regan Ong, who did a cover of Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

Joey Uhl followed Ong with a stand-up routine that mostly consisted of “dad jokes.”

Next was Kyle Thompson who did a cover of Waving Through A Window from the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hanson.

Brandon Cervinia followed Thompson and showed off his mixed martial arts skills.

Andrew Huss also did a cover on his ukelele of La Vie En Rose.

Ending the night was Logan Friesen, who ate an entire In N Out double-double cheeseburger in just three bites, leaving the crowd in shock.

Following the talent portion, each male returned to the stage to show off their formal wear and their escorts for the night.

The competition ended with each contestant being asked two questions in the questions and answers portion.

At the end of the night, a panel of judges came together and crowned Logan Friesen the winner of the Hawkman Competition.

When his name was announced, the entire swim team stood up with body paint covering their chests that spelled out Logan’s name.

The rest of the contestants also picked Logan up and shouted with joy.

When asked how he was going to celebrate, Frisen replied, “I’m going to In N Out!”

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1 Comment

Jan 14, 2020

Missing a contestant there friends 😂😂

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