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Simpson’s Men’s Soccer is International Team

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

By Andre Alvarez

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Talent in all athletics is found from different places on the planet.

Athletes at Simpson University derive from many places on different continents, but Simpson Men’s Soccer is composed of almost all international players.

As of opening day for Simpson Soccer on August 21, Simpson started the season with a total of twelve international players on the roster.

This number of international players Simpson Men’s Soccer has categorized Simpson as being one of the schools with the most international players on its roster.

Simpson University has managed to make its diversity well-known through its recruitment of international athletes in all sports, including sports like volleyball, basketball, and the sport with the most international players: men’s soccer.

Soccer at Simpson does not just have players from across the United States, but from different continents on the planet. The roster for Simpson Soccer includes country origins like Jamaica, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Sweden, Italy, and Nigeria.

The international identity does not only reside with the players on the roster, but it also starts with head coach Caleb Ikwuagwu for Simpson as he is a native from Aba, Nigeria.

“The culture of international identity is significant for soccer at Simpson,” Ikwuagwu said.

International culture does not just sit deep with Coach Ikwaugwu, but it also has an effect on the players on the team; especially international players that have the opportunity to play for an international coach.

The experience for playing at Simpson as an international player is a challenge as forward Joseph Bell says, “As most of us are very far away from Homes and family. It's great knowing we are all from different cultural backgrounds and learn a lot from each other. At first it felt weird playing out here as I'm so used to playing home in England and just being around people I know. Coming to a completely new place and people I've never seen before it's weird.”

The organization and embrace of international players for soccer does not just reside with the team but also of organizers and overseers of Simpson athletics. There is a sense of excitement about the culture of global expansion.

At this point in the year, people are aware of how many international players Simpson Men’s Soccer has and how they make up most of the soccer roster. The team significantly gives Simpson athletics the image of being a program that welcomes and embraces global players from all parts on the planet. Soccer’s “international” team has slowly influenced other sports at the university as other sports are starting to add international athletes to their rosters.

With the number of international players, it shows the diversity and global outlook that Simpson University has, especially in soccer.

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