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Simpson's WIFI causes concern

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By Daisy Brenegan

It was a bit of a bumpy start into the 2019-2020 school year for some students. Moving onto campus on August 30th, students realized they had to start paying for wifi.

Mallory Knight, a Junior on campus, was one of the students that were unhappy with the news. “I was pretty upset when I found out that the wifi wasn’t free. Until I found out the wifi that cost money was the premium WiFi. Which is high-speed WiFi for the gamers. The free WiFi is so slow and sometimes unusable that I couldn’t even hook my tv up when I moved in.” Said Knight.

Although it affected a lot of students it especially affected the international students. Most of them can only contact their family and friends through Wifi.

Joseph Bell, an international student from England were one of the students with problems.

“I have been having trouble with the WiFi . A lot of the time it will kick me off then won’t let me connect for a while which is annoying when I am trying to contact my family from back home.” said Bell.

Students and faculty use the school Wifi so much. Especially the students that live on campus. It sets them back from doing homework, taking online classes and contacting friends and family. The WiFi is extremely important to the students.

With it not working very well it is causing anger and stress to many people. It was time to find out some answers.

After requesting interviews with Simpson’s IT department, they declined. Then being forwarded to COO Robert “Wally” Quirk. Two emails were not returned and two attempts to reach him in his office were unsuccessful.

However, on September 23, 2019, COO Robert Quirk sent an email to the entire school answering all the questions about the WiFi.

COO Robert Quirk said in his email,“The first phase began with the residence hall and will continue across campus as phase two. You should not experience less than last year in any location.”

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