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Staff Spotlight

By: Ariana West

Source via: Simpson Bass Fishing team Instagram page.

From coach to administrator, Alex Thiemann truly is the embodiment of the jack-of-all-trades. Thiemann, last year's Bass Fishing coach, graciously accepted another position this year and became the Associate Dean of Students at Simpson. Thiemann filled this new role under unfortunate circumstances, the passing of Louis Burkwhat.

According to Thiemann, he has nearly a decade of being a professor/teacher, however this new administrative position is, “flexing new muscles he hasn’t used before,” as he put it, he is very excited and up for this new endeavor. Students around campus have noted that

Thiemann has done quite a job so far as the Associate Dean of Students.

In fact, Senior golfer, Eric Norris said, “Alex reached out to me about my accommodations this summer, before school even started and talked to me for about thirty minutes. It seemed like he truly cared.”

Thiemann, who also teaches a history class, has a passion for helping students, which is what got him into education in the first place. As a matter of fact, Thiemann said via email that meeting with and engaging with students is actually his favorite part of the job.

Being on campus full time has also allowed Alex to be more available for his team. Since he no longer has a full-time job off-campus, he can meet with team members more easily, support them more academically, and interact with their professors.

“Alex is a great coach. He makes each individual on the team feel supported,” said Junior Bass Fisher, Taj White.

This semester the Bass Fishing team has done a lot of travelling for their tournaments. Thiemann has thankfully been able to travel with his team whenever necessary because of the support of his fellow Simpson administrators.

Most people would have trouble juggling two different positions, but Alex Thiemann seems to be adjusting to his added responsibilities quite well.

Tune in next week for another issue of Staff Spotlight.

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