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Struggling With a Class? Help Is on Its Way!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

By: Timea Horvath

Source: Timea Horvath

A completely new mentor-finding portal will soon be accessible to all Simpson University students.

The Student Success Center, with the cooperation of the Tutor Matching Service, is launching a new website where students will be able to find a mentor for a specific class, writing a paper or general study skills. This means no more Microsoft Forms or waiting for the mentor to contact the mentee.

“The website will be accessible straight through Canvas; you don’t even need to create a separate login for it. A special button saying, “Find a Tutor” or “A+” will take you to the Simpson Tutor Matching Service landing page in which you will see all of our tutors hosted and be able to select a tutor and engage with them directly,” Alex Thiemann, the head of the Student Success Center, explained.

The website will show the mentors’ majors, their basic information as well as the classes they have taken, their fields of expertise and availability. This way the mentees get to choose who they want to have as their mentors. All that at no cost.

Can’t find a mentor that would be able to help you with what you need? No problem.

“This service also allows for you to search for online tutors from other institutions,” Thiemann said.

“As long as the student has exhausted all the options for peer tutors that are free for them through Simpson University, they can come to the Student Success Center, talk to the SSC employees and potentially be awarded vouchers and pay for outside tutoring services.” Thiemann followed.

As we are still living in a pandemic, many people have mixed opinions about whether mentor sessions should take place online or in person. The Student Success Center has thought about this when creating policies for mentor sessions.

“The mentee will have the freedom to choose. There are some areas where the mentor or mentee will want the session to be online. They may show their preference on the Tutor Matching Service, but there can always be communication to see whether in person can happen or if online is preferred. It’s mostly case by case,” said Jessica Stanley, a current Student Success Center employee.

The official launch date of the Tutor Matching Service has not been given yet, but Thiemann and Stanley have promised that there will be a special announcement once everything is ready and working.

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