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Sun’s Out, Nature Time

By: Armando Barcenas

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The heat has arrived in Redding so it’s time to explore the great outdoors.

All throughout Redding there are plenty of trails to walk and bike. Speaking with two locals - Joel Forseth, and Dr. Timothy Orr- they recommended plenty of trails that are both easy and challenging.

Dr. Orr has lived in the local area for 5 years and has quite a bit of experience with local trails within and surrounding Redding. Orr’s recommended spots are Chamise Peak and a trail in Oak Bottom Marina.

“Chamise peak is a nearby hike that takes you up about a 5 mile open back trip about 700 feet elevation. So not that hard, but enough that you are going to feel like you got a hike in,” Orr said.

Chamise peak provides a beautiful view of -Mt. Shasta, Shasta Lake, Shasta dam, the Sacramento River, the Trinity Alps to our west, and you can see Lassen peak to the east.

Orr’s second recommendation is Oak Bottom Marina at Whiskeytown Lake.

Orr states "I would go west, and I would park actually at Oak Bottom Marina and then there’s a trail that runs along Whiskeytown from Oak bottom marina. You should go a little bit up from the marina itself, but it just follows around the outside of Whiskeytown lake where you can find secluded spots to swim”.

Forseth has been a local of Redding since 1977 and has been on lots of scenic hikes around the area. Forseth recommended Hill Loop and Burstarse Falls. Forseth said, Hill Loop is quite a distance from Redding, but it is well worth it.

“There’s a scenic overlook of Clear Creek, it’s a pretty deep creek gorge, it’s rolling hills and a lot of it, you can see the trail across the way and its horse, dog, and mountain bike trail. It’s a Moderate trail as well nothing too steep or difficult,” Forseth shared.

Burstarse Falls is about an hour's drive from campus.

” I like this one because it’s not really known, and you hike a lot of single-track at Pacific Crest Trail. Eventually, tapping into a creek that you follow up in the Box Canyon.” Forseth said.

Forseth specifically recommended this trail should be done around March, April, and May; Since the waterfall will dry out when the snow fully melts.

These hikes are a wonderful way to spend some time with friends and family or just a terrific way to get out and see the beautiful scenery nature provides.

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