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Support Local Small Businesses

By Daisy Brenegan

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COVID-19 has majorly impacted many small businesses all over the world. According to’s Local Economic Impact Report, “97,966 businesses have permanently shut down due to the pandemic.”

We as a community need to step up. We need to support local small businesses. We got to keep our local businesses open.

Junior Chris Lacayo, encourages all his friends to eat and shop locally.

“One of my favorite locally owned restaurants back home got closed down permanently due to Covid, since then I have only been supporting locally,” he said.

Below are some local businesses in the Redding area that students have suggested you go support:

  • The Chicken Shack

  • Smokin Joes BBQ

  • Pasta Pronto

  • Bogbean Books & Music

  • A & Sea Creations

  • For the Love of Pie

  • Sky Nails

  • Fat Daddy’s BBQ

  • Heart & Soul Nutrition

  • Damburger

  • Anthony’s Mediterranean Cuisine

  • Candie’s Bags

Nate Minami recommended the Chicken Shack. “It’s good food at a pretty decent price, you can do a mobile order so you can just show up and pick up your food,”he said. “I would recommend the habanero chicken fries or the buffalo chicken fries.”

Another recommended spot is Bogbean Books & Music.

“My Favorite thing about Bogbean is the chaotic art energy that fills the place. It's full of books, vinyl records, old video games, movies and CD’s.” Senior Mallory Knight said. “I recommend Bogbean because they have great prices on movies. Plus it’s fun to go through stacks of vinyl records and see what artists you run into.”

Check out some of the places listed above. There are so many more local businesses in the area to check out too. Grab some friends and go support some of our amazing local businesses.

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