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The Bookstore Will Be No More

By Daisy Brenegan

Photo credit: Daisy Brenegan

Starting on May 8, students might not be able to buy books and other essentials because the Simpson Bookstore will be closing down.

Manager of the bookstore, Rachel Glasgow stated, “All the information I can give at this time is that we will be closing May 8 and everything with Simpson on it will be sold at a discounted price at some point.”

Glasgow also explained that, “ The school wants to use this area to create a student union. Our company wanted to keep the bookstore on campus but located somewhere else. But the school chose to move forward with a different company.”

According to Glasgow, there is no news on who this new company is and how textbooks will be purchased at this time.

Junior, Tommy Willis said, “I am sad the bookstore is closing because every university and college has one, how can we not have one? I really hope this new company has no issues because the bookstore was really accessible.

Adrian Maruffo said, “ I love the campus bookstore but I am curious and excited to see what this new company is like and how we are going to get textbooks.”

More information should be released before the end of the school year. The bookstore staff is doing their best to tell everyone that they are closing. Spread the word to your friends.

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