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The Coronavirus In Relation To Simpson

By Franchesca Carrera

Photo credit: Franchesca Carrera

For the last few months, the world has been watching the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, closely.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the novel (new) virus was first detected in China and on January 30. The International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern.”

Symptoms for the virus include coughing, fever and shortness of breath, according to the CDC website.

As the virus has spread and made its way into the United States, the Simpson administration has begun taking precautions in an attempt to keep the SU community safe.

Mark Endraske, Dean of Students, has sent four emails so far with updates regarding the virus.

The email sent out the evening of Monday the 9th, was from both Endraske and Dr. Hall. It stated as of now there are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus on campus.

The email also included ways to help keep the risk low, such as washing your hands regularly, as well as mentioned for those concerned to continually check the CDC website for updates.

With the first case of COVID-19 being confirmed in Shasta County by The Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency and reported by KRCR News Channel 7 on March 8, anxieties are rising. Students want answers on the crisis and how Simpson is preparing in the case that the Coronavirus is found on campus.

ASBSU Vice President, Jacelyn Wedman, is among those concerned. She sent out a mass email to the student body the morning of the 9th to, as she stated, exercise the student’s right to know.

“Simpson has a plan regarding online classes, meals for residents, and other provisions. Dale Simmons, SU provost, has been made aware that students need more information, and the student body should expect another, more detailed update later today. The facilities crew has amped up their disinfecting process, and has been deep-cleaning the campus regularly,” Wedman explained in the email.

Wedman believes that students hearing from a peer is more personal than receiving emails only from administration, which is why she found it important to send her email.

“The student body of Simpson has a general distrust of administration, going years back. As the link between the administration and student population, it is ASBSU’s duty to bridge that gap of distrust,” said Wedman. “If people see an email from a fellow student, they are more likely to read it, because it is their peer who they see every day, instead of an administrator who isn’t living in their building or attending their classes.”

Wedman also added, “I’m not saying administrators shouldn’t be trusted. I am saying that students want to hear from other students.”

An added problem to this virus is the need to work around it when scheduling events.

At the beginning of February, Dr. Hall held a fireside chat in which he mentioned wanting to bring Ipads onto campus to potentially replace textbooks. In order to ensure this was the right decision, Hall said he wanted to have a demo team come out and test them.

The demo was supposed to take place this week, said Hall, however, due to the Coronavirus, that is being postponed.

“The Apple team visit is delayed because they are reducing travel related to the virus,” said Hall in an email.

For now, Endraske, Hall and Wedman all have explained they have the health of the student’s in mind and are working to keep everyone as informed as possible.

For more information on the plans Simpson has, check your email regularly, or reach out to an administrator.

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