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The Loss of a Basketball Legend

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

by Bryce De Camargo

Photo credit: Google

On January 26, 2020, shocking news broke across the world. Kobe Bryant, GiGi Bryant and 5 others died in a helicopter crash.

Kobe was an idol to many people. He was known by almost everyone and was an inspiration

and role model to many. Even people who don’t watch basketball most likely knew the name

Kobe Bryant. He impacted our country in a major way.

His daughter Gigi also had a huge love for the game of basketball just like her father.

The two were able to bond over this shared passion during their lives.

According to an article from ABC news, Kobe had three other daughters besides Gigi Bryant

and he told stories of people telling him how it was a shame that he didn’t have any sons to

carry on his legacy in the NBA. While Kobe could have pointed out the stupidity of that

supposition, Gigi didn’t need anyone speaking for her.

“I got this,” the 13-year-old would say. And that looked certain to be true.

While Kobe wasn’t racking up 50 points per game, he was coaching his daughter Gigi in

basketball. The two had an inseperable bond which made this tragedy that much more

devastating. Kobe was inspiring to many on and off the court, and his death impacted many


Kobe coined the nickname the “Black Mamba” because of the snake’s ability to strike with 99

percent accuracy. Here at Simpson, many students were impacted by Kobe’s death as well.

Junior wrestler Adrian Maruffo said, “I was in shock when I found out he died. I did not believe it at all and I still don’t to this day. He was one of my biggest idols and still will forever be one of my idols.”

Junior Juice Gaines stated, “He was a great player and he made me want to be better as a

competitor and a person.”

Freshmen basketball player, Dimitri Margelis explained, “I was so shocked when I found out

about Kobe’s death, I had just woken up and it was the first thing that popped on my phone. I

was completely devastated and sad.”

Many were inspired not only by his long list of accomplishments and impressive NBA career, but also his untouchable work ethic.

We must pray for all the families that have lost loved ones in this tragic accident. We must never forget Kobe, Gigi, John, Keri, Alyssa, Sarah, Payton, Christina, and Ara.

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