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The Simpson Scholar Program

By Bobby Rutledge

The Simpson Scholar program is a new program only open to new students who excelled in academics and have a desire to grow in discussion.

This program is spearheaded by Dr. Timothy Orr. It was released alongside the football program. The program became balanced in some ways to increase athletics and academics. This program hopes to increase professional discussion. The group also hopes to grow Simpson University leaders who would develop the school environment. Only 12 incoming students were allowed to join this program to maintain an efficient environment this beginning year.

As this program grows, the desire is also to provide limited internships for companies who desire a refined candidate. They are also researching “The Six Conversations” by Heather Hollemn in this class. This book discusses different ways to engage in conversations and discussions meaningfully.

This program is fresh, it is difficult to determine how this new scholar program will go in the long term. Nevertheless, Simpson Scholars has a promising hope to ignite a set of engagements on campus to grow.

These students have an opportunity to grow in conversational skills while interacting with essential Simpson and community members. This group hopes to engage to not just talk about change but actualize change for Simpson.

Michael Lee, a Simpson Scholar Student who wanted to speak on how the program has been proceeding.

“This program teaches us to think critically, and prepare us for extensive discussion,” Lee said.

Freshman Jonas Bramwell, another Simpson Scholar student, highlighted the individual growth of the program.

“I think the Simpson Scholars program is a great tool for academically minded individuals who have a desire to better not only themselves but the community and environment they are a part of,” Bramwell said.

The Simpson Scholar program is new. It is still working out everything. With this new program, we must wait to see how this new program will progress.

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