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The Walking Dead on Campus

By Andre Alvarez

As of November 4, there’s an event on the Simpson University campus that will change the attitude of students for the up and coming days.

The Humans vs. Zombies games on campus will take place started as soonn as the clock hit midnight November 4.

Sign-ups for the event were open up until the time the games begin. In the game, students will be able to participate in a simulated apocalyptic catastrophe like that of a zombie invasion.

The atmosphere of the zombie games will have the intensity and feel like that of the famous zombie show The Walking Dead.

The rules of the game consist of safe boundaries and identifying who the first zombie will be. At midnight on November 4, those who signed up will know who is a survivor and one person will start off as the zombie.

The assigned zombie will have the opportunity to tag opponents when they are not in safe zones. These safe zones consist of any building on campus. Once a player is outside, they can be tagged or shot with a Nerf gun if necessary. Once the games are over and the survivors have been identified, those will be the winners of the games and will win a grand prize that is being kept secret until the end.

There are a lot of expectations for the events and turnout of the zombie games. A co-organizer of the games, senior English and Communications major, Jacelyn Wedman, says “Humans vs. Zombies is different every year, because every year we have a different crowd. This year, we are hoping to make the week more intense. We are hoping for more missions and less drama.”

In addition to these expectations and actions, Co-organizer of the games: Christopher Williams says the purpose of these games is, “The main purpose of ASBSU putting on this event is to give the students a break from all the hard work they are doing. We didn't have much going on for the Halloween season so Humans vs Zombies brings a bit of the Spooky Season in before we get ready for Thanksgiving.”

With an intense game, Williams looks to take a load of school off the shoulders of players who participate in these games.

In the next week, students participating in Humans vs Zombies should be aware of their surroundings. The games are anticipated to be intense and a lot of fun for participants. For a week, Simpson University will be host of a zombie apocalypse.

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