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Wanted Felon Evading Campus Safety

By: Eric Norris

Image By: Ariadna Rubio

Car thief stumbles upon Simpson campus attempting to creep on college students. Two days before spring break on March 10, an undisclosed man in his 20’s walked around the dorms and attempted to get into a female's window that afternoon. The woman inside noticed and frightened the man to where he ran into the forest behind the dorms.

The police were immediately contacted and arrived 15 minutes later around 4:00 pm. An extensive search was conducted into the woods but no sign of the mystery man. Thankfully the woman who noticed him took a picture of him. That photo was handed to the police and sent to all students to keep a lookout.

Later that afternoon around 7:00 pm the man was spotted again. A different woman called in that she saw the man in camo near the Mazel dorm and she said over the phone,

“I think he has a knife in his left hand.”

Immediate action was taken when campus safety rushed to the scene but were not able to locate the suspect.

Higher safety measures were conducted to ensure the safety of the students, faculty and everyone else on campus. The first measure was to email all students of what was happening at the time along with the picture of the suspect. Next, there were hourly searches to check the forest throughout the evening and night. At about 8:00 pm, one of these searches paid off. Two students Tommy Hilfiger, and Zach Watkins spotted the man in a white sedan that sped away off campus. Watkins was able to catch a glimpse of the license plate. He reported it to the campus safety supervisor, Dennis Smith. Smith reported the license plate to the police and the police came back with the message,

“That vehicle is reported stolen. He is dangerous.”

Since that day it has been a total of 17 days since the original altercation and there has been no sign of the suspect’s arrest and wanted for multiple felony crimes including carjacking and evading arrest. He is still on the run.

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